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Introvenus Design has been many things over many years. In that time my interests have shifted and changed to primarily include anything photography related.

I design web sites for photographers.  I am a photographer.  I post links and blog about photography.   I'm an information junkie.

If you are interested in my professional photography or require web design and web site implementation email me for availability. You can contact me via my photography web site with any enquires you may have or directly at info at introvenus design dot com.  If you are interested in developing your photography portfolio online I only take a limited number of web site commissions a year. 

web sites and photography resources

My wife (talented photographer Jenna Shouldice) and I run our Canadian wedding photography business out of Victoria BC on Vancouver Island.  I also have a street and documentary photography web site as well as a Canadian Photographers blog with a Photo of the Week feature managed by myself with four other photographers.  I also have a simple photography and news blog running which posts all the links and resources I share on Facebook.

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Tristan Shouldice